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Access Code is the new bet of the label Blue Dream Music Group, an artist that has been gaining prominence in the national scene and in Ibiza and Miami with its new style, EDM in a way never seen before. 



The constant pursuit of individuality and originality, a heady mix of EDM melodies with a stronger, more upbeat beat, with a breeze from the last decades of the electronic music world takes us straight to the music of a young and talented Brazilian artist - ACCESS CODE. Artist ACCESS CODE combines influences from EDM with Progressive, including modern melodies, as well as BigRoom and House Music, which she refines with signature vocals and dance beats, typical of Europe, to deliver her own distinctive sound. She has been delighting crowds, especially in the state of Sao Paulo, where she has been called to play several times in one of the largest clubs in the city. The highlight of the summer was definitely her entry into Blue Dream Media Group, a famous Florida rap label that through ACCESS CODE, decided to expand to electronic music. She is currently signed with Jyn Araújo & Kéo Machado Management and Blue Dream Records and is certainly working hard to reach the top. After a successful year in early 2019, which featured an exclusive launch cocktail at the Golden Beach Hotel, ACCESS CODE is preparing its launch plan for the coming months and set its high goals for 2019, which included its exclusive appearance in Ibiza at major city events and soon with many festivals, collaborations and residences to come.


BRAZIL: +55 (62) 98520-7028
WORLDWIDE: +1 (305) 710-8654

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